Free (confidential) Financial Analysis

The purpose of our free financial analysis is for you to get a second professional opinion of your restaurant company operations and financial well-being. The restaurant industry is unique and difficult. The failure rate is high and the percentage of underachieving companies is high as well. That leaves very few companies operating at their best.We have hundreds of years of operational & financial restaurant industry experience within our management team and would like to help you reach the true profit potential of the company and be successful for years to come.

The process is as simple, but meaningful:

1. Initial meeting
We will meet to discuss the company in detail. We have a list of items we typically go through, however it will also be a time when you can bring up issues and concerns that you have or know about.

2. Information / document gathering
We will leave you with a document request list of confidential financial information when the initial meeting is finished. Your office will need to spend the time to gather as much of the requested information as you can and send that to our office for review. The more information given to us the more meaningful the analysis will be. We prefer PDF’s of documents if possible.

3. Our analysis
We will review the documentation and compare to other of our restaurant clients and local / national industry statistics. We will be looking for operational opportunities, tax and financial opportunities, and compliance issues & opportunities. The end game is to help the company be more profitable and to stay in business for many years to come.

4. Results
Our findings and recommendations will be summarized in a written document. We will meet with you to go through the analysis and comments. We will leave the written results with you to do as you please. If at that point or any time in the future you need help effectuating change in the company, we will be more than willing to discuss how we can help you at that time.