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Specializing in investigations, counter measures, and employee screening including background investigations, personal data verification, credit checks, reliability testing, and drug testing.

Armando Delgado • 626-975-1171 • covertinvestigationagency@msn.comcovertinvestigationagency.com

Executive I.T. Support is a Company devoted to solving your PC and Mac related problems. Our computer support technicians are certified and have the experience needed to provide you with computer support for either your home or business. The company’s record of service is unmatched in the computer service industry, gaining praise from homeowners and businesses, alike. Our Computer Support Technicians deliver fast, onsite, consumer friendly and professional mobile computer support to homes and businesses in the Southern California area.

Alan Zalmanowitz ▪ 818-489-1058 ▪ alan@execitsupport.comExecitsupport.com

Whatever you do, wherever you work, Heartland has a range of innovative products and services to help your business prosper. We offer business solutions to help you save money, save time, increase profits, attract new customers, increase loyalty, and simplify your business operations.

Plus, we have the most dedicated representatives in the business to help you navigate the complexities of payments processing, payroll and more.

Ryan Ovanesian • 818-268-7396 • Ryan@Heartland.LA

Lipids Inc

At Lipids INC , our main goal is to provide Safe & Clean Working Environment to ensure the quality of your Restaurant.
Our services include but not limited to,

Ara Darakjian ▪ 323-552-6060 ▪ lipidsinc@gmail.comlipids.co

SSI Investigations

The Private Security & Investigator Center is a collective of experienced law enforcement officers, security consultants, security officers and private investigators for hire. We provide professional armed/unarmed private security and investigative services for restaurants, celebrities, executives, special events, corporations, manufacturers and private schools/colleges. We also provide workplace violence prevention plans and training, business security and disaster plans and emergency alert systems. All KROST clients receive a free consultation, on-site security assessment and discounted service rates.   

Peter McHugh ▪ 855-742-3687 ▪ peter@privateinvestigators.centerprivatesecurity.contractors

We conduct 3rd party food safety audits that are more stringent than a health department inspection. We have to be. Our goal is your perfect score. We use former health department inspectors and we know where to look, what to look for and what questions to ask. We work with your management to design the audit that is right for your facility. In many cases our auditors are instructed to show up at the facility unannounced during the height of the dinner or lunch rush. Our audits are designed to be constructive and informative; we strive to spend the necessary time to explain what is expected, what is required and how to achieve these objectives.

Michael Cummings • 310-890-3270 • michael@theaspecialist.comtheaspecialist.com