Architects & Designers

The successful design of restaurant space requires an advanced, innovative construction team that’s able to provide professional consultation in a wide range of areas: architecture, interior & kitchen design, lighting, color scheme, sound, etc. They must be able to master all of these components, all the while maintaining your brand image and keeping in mind the needs of your patrons. This is true whether you are planning a full service dining, fast-casual, or fast food concept. Finding a construction team able to achieve all of this is no easy task.

Econstruct, Inc. brings over a quarter of century of unmatched and hands-on food service operations experience to restaurant design and construction. Close to three decades of involvement in the food industry enables econstruct to anticipate problems far in advance, and to eliminate them before they overwhelm and derail projects. We specialize in firmly establishing restaurant brands and overcoming every hurdle you face, from pre-construction right through to grand opening.

Frank Neimroozi
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